A Cure For Lupus – 10 Lupus Erythematosus Diet Secrets

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We Are What We Eat – Can Diet Cure Lupus?

The old saying is still true for everyone. We are what we eat. Our diet choices have a direct effect on our bodies and the way we feel. Consuming the right foods in the right measure is a prerequisite for optimal health. That’s a key consideration for everyone, but it is particularly important for those who have diseases such as Lupus. Diet can play a large role in the way lupus’ symptoms present themselves mainly because Lupus is an autoimmune disease.

A Lupus Diet To Reduce Symptoms & Flares

Although a lupus diet is not a cure for lupus choosing the right foods can be extremely helpful in reducing lupus symptoms. A lupus diet is known to have an impact on inflammation, pain, overall mobility and stamina levels. It is also thought that the correct diet or avoiding certain foods can also play a significant factor in tackling the underlying cause of lupus, I.e.: Autoimmune disease.

Here are ten lupus diet suggestions that are known make a difference Although this is only a small list, it will help relieve lupus symptoms:

10 Foods Lupus Sufferer’s Should Avoid

  • Avoid processed foods and foods that contain monosodium glutamate (MSG).
  • Don’t rely on red meat as a source of protein. Eat fish or chicken instead.
  • Maintain a low-fat diet. You can’t completely eliminate fat intake, but you should strive to avoid excess fat.
  • Minimize exposure to spicy food, which may spur flares.
  • Drink water instead of alcohol, soda pop, energy drinks and other unhealthy beverages.
  • Lower your intake of sugar and salt.
  • Decrease or eliminate consumption of refined carbohydrates and starches. Look to whole grains instead.
  • Eat more fresh, raw vegetables and fruit.
  • Focus on foods that your body can digest easily.
  • Supplement your Lupus diet with probiotics and other digestive aids.

Note: Before you implement any particular lupus diet, you should consider being tested thoroughly for food allergies, food allergies whether known or not may bring on lupus flares.

This Can Help Both SLE & DLE Sufferer’s

These ten lupus diet guidelines serve as the foundation for a smart eating plan for those suffering with both SLE or DLE as the underlying cause is normally very similar or linked. Diet plans should always be consistent with those general principles even though they are not a complete cure for lupus. Those who deviate from these recommendations may experience an escalation in the number or severity of many lupus symptoms.

Avoiding Lupus Flares When Your Eating Out

You’ll also notice that those recommendations are perfectly consistent with a variety of eating strategies for those who don’t have lupus. Diet plans of this sort may provide Lupus sufferers with a ready-made assortment of menu ideas and guidance. Plus knowing which foods might trigger lupus flares can be very helpful when eating out.

Changing one’s diet can have a tremendous impact on the way they experience the symptoms of lupus, but it would be unrealistic to believe that diet alone will provide a cure for lupus. A smart lupus diet helps on many fronts, but it’s not a cure-all.

If you’ve been diagnosed with lupus, discuss the development of an ideal lupus diet plan with your physician or a nutritionist with an understanding of lupus. You may discover that a few changes in the way you eat and prepare your meals can play a significant role in the way you feel on a day-to-day basis.

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