Becoming a New Parent During Covid

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Covid, covid is all we hear at the moment, it seems to be continually on the news morning noon and night. It has changed everyone’s life. Disrupted family life, ruined businesses, closed schools and left parents coping with home schooling, whilst in many cases trying to work from home.

Loss of jobs has caused incredible hardship, food banks have become a way of life for many, especially in deprived areas where high-rise flats compound the difficulties of parenting. Lack of space both inside and out make it even more difficult for families to cope. Depression and loneliness are rife.

Just lately there have been many new mums on TV talking about the isolation that they have felt having babies during lockdown. Not only has there been the fear of catching the virus and protecting their babies before and after birth, especially during hospital visits, but also the loneliness of having to attend scans and birthing alone.

Covid has been a burden for everyone and will continue to interfere with our lives for months or maybe years to come. However for new mums if has made these early months even more difficult without the help and guidance or family members due to lockdown.

Imagine… As the front door shuts terror sets in. You are on your own with your new baby, you are sleep deprived and anxious. Baby blues are raging and you are terrified you don’t know the answers and your brain has turned to mush…

Would answers to the following situations help you?

  • How to overcome the feeling overwhelmed in your early days of parenting.
  • How to make bath time safe and stress free when you are feeling nervous and your baby is wet and slippery.
  • Easy step-by-step stress-free potty training in days not weeks plus 3 reasons when it is better to delay potty training
  • How to achieve a smooth bedtime routine with happy children and no tears.
  • How to avoid the Terrible Two’s Tantrums & deal with those you can’t ovoid.
  • The simple way to prevent sibling jealousy, and keep everyone happy.
  • Why praise not criticism brings greater results and is much more rewarding.
  • Why socialising and learning to share are important life skills.
  • Why responsible freedom and fun are important for development
  • Many helpful solutions to walk you through the first 5 years

Solutions for your problem areas make for STRESS FREE PARENTING and a happier easier way of life

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