Covid-19 Vaccines – Have We Seen the Last of Them?

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Recently you heard the President Joe Biden state that there will be enough supply to vaccinate the “ADULT” population by the end of May. Currently, Johnson & Johnson is the only vaccine approved for those 16 and up. Both Moderna and Pfizer are 18 and up. So what about those under the age of 16? Of the 358 million in the USA, 16 and under comprise about 80 million plus and thats just in the USA. Phase 3 trials for those 16 and under won’t be completed until end of 4th quarter 2021. This leaves plenty of room for other smaller less traditional companies like Tonix and Occugen to get their products to market.

This takes in to consideration only the under 16 population in the USA not to mention, the continuing question? Will this be a “flu Shot” scenario? It very well could be. With all three current providers working their own variety of “booster” shot. If they did not believe it was necessary than why are they working on it. Why are other companies continuing to develop their vaccines if they did not believe this as well? It is clearly evident that globally and in the US there is room for other vaccine candidates

The world as a whole will be utilizing many more than the 3 vaccines we see in the US. China has its own vaccine as well as Russia. Many variations from many countries. Also, there are many countries looking to secure enough to vaccinate its own population. Lots of competition in a less than crowded market. Even more reason for other companies to continue to bring their vaccine to market.

Look at the way this is all trending. With all this in mind we would be hard pressed to imagine an ending to Covid-19 anytime soon. It has been reported that worldwide only 3.5 doses per 100 people have been administered. In some countries not even a single dose has gone out. Countries such as Japan, Australia, Iran, Eygpt, Thailand and a host of others show less than 1% vaccinated.

The US had 79.26 million visitors from foreigh countries last year alone. With tracvel restrictions easing as vaccinations roll out, we are likely to see a boost to tourism. What will the impact be? how do we protect those under 16 as society returns to normal?

One thing is for sure, dont let your guard down just yet, this Covid thing is not over.

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