For Whom Does That Bell Toll?

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In the history of the world there has always been plagues and catastrophic events that have decimated humanity. Millions have died as the result of catastrophic events whether man induced or not. They have all left there mark on history. Today is no different. The two most devastating scenarios that are currently crippling the ability of civilizations to expand the human experience are both man made. For years the scientific community has warned about the devastating effects that CO2 emissions are having on our environment. Yet, the powers that be have continued to ignore their warnings. As a result our future as a human race is in grave jeopardy.

For the past 50 years man has witnessed dramatic consequences of our inability to rid ourselves of the fuels that powered the second industrial revolution. We have had the technology and the availability to to usher in green renewable energy for over 90% of man’s energy needs for decades Yet,, the power structure of the worlds governments have failed in every aspect in converting our basic energy policies and needs.

We now live in a world void of the pleasantries that made life less complicated. Sure, many of the technological marvels of today have eased many of humanities burdens. But, still too many the world over have yet to be beneficiaries of all that man has devised. With the advances of technology there has to be accountability. So, for over 50 years the power elite still continues to be unaccountable implementing renewable green energy for our energy needs.

With the planet getting warmer many of the crisis that are engulfing the world are a direct result governments failure to act. The dangers of global warming are quite evident especially the increasing dangers of infectious diseases and viruses that have been allowed to infect millions the world over. The environment has been and still will be conducive to the increases of deadly viruses and diseases until governments resolve to implement green energy as the sole fuel source for today and tomorrow.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the bye product of global warming. Others include famine, catastrophic flooding more devastating hurricanes and other natural disasters. These are all occurring more frequently and with greater intensity. They have all made our planet more volatile and more violent. The lives and livelihoods lost due to governments failure to prepare for a global epidemic, which by the way that was inevitable, considering the drastic effects of global warming is totally unconscionable.

The reactions of government have been totally indefensible considering when Operation Warp Speed in developing a vaccine for this Covid19 virus. This so called vaccine, which really isn’t a vaccine, turned into an assault on the basic liberties and freedoms engraved in our consciousness by the Bill of Rights and our very own Constitution.

Instead of developing a true vaccine the Pharmaceutical industry produced an experimental relatively new chemical compound into the procedure to inoculate the population. This to combat the spread of this very infectious virus and it’s subsequent mutations. When vaccines are developed they incorporate a live virus not an artificial substance like mRNA which is in the so called vaccine today. The rush to produce this mRNA vaccine has produced dramatic consequences that has made government in consort with “Big Pharma” to strip the publics ability to defer this mRNA vaccine with the ability to integrate natural immunity to stave off infection.

What is happening in the United states today is a deep division that has only exasperated the deep divides that have already taken hold of the US. We see the results playing out on a daily basis. The powers that be backed up by the all powerful Pharmaceutical industry have now ignored the devastating effects that are now being incurred by thousands of individuals who have already followed the mandates imposed by so many businesses, the medical complex, and our very own government. For they have all turned a blind eye to what is actually happening.

The power of money, has infested the very halls of a government, the Pharmaceutical industry and many of the medical community. They are all supposed to serve and protect the public but now fail to separate what a true vaccine actually does compared to and artificial chemical compound that is virtually untested. And, is now proven non effective in curtailing this Covid-19 virus, caused dramatic adverse health problems some of which are life threatening and has rendered the public pitted against one another.

The facts are these natural immunity is always the best solution and has been proven time after time. Global warming is the incubator for all sorts of the worlds most devastating catastrophes including infectious diseases. And,until we understand what we have and are doing with an experimental drug being mandated all across the country, one that is now known to have such a drastic increase of adverse reactions even deaths this country is now headed toward a state of mass hysteria and the rise of a tyrannical government is not too far behind.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams

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