Novel Initiatives Taken By India To Control The Pandemic COVID-19

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Recent statistics on the Worldometer have shown that over 9,000 people in India have tested Coronavirus positive. The fatal pandemic has created a havoc, with a staggering number of 330 deaths. Considering this emergency situation, many states have extended the lockdown till the 30th of April.

Fighting Covid-19 (the disease that is caused by the virus) has become a challenge for the Indian government as it lacks adequate resources in the healthcare sector. To tackle the serious situation India is all set with smart initiatives and strategies.

  • Alternatives for limited infrastructure

The Indian railways is contributing its share by converting 5000 coaches to well-equipped isolation wards with 80,000 beds. This is an appreciable initiative by India to provide optimum treatment facilities to the consistently rising number of victims. This endeavor is aimed at rural populations residing in remote areas, who don’t have sufficient access to hospital beds. These coaches have been developed to provide Level 1 care facilities. Every coach will have the capacity to accommodate 16 patients in it. The target has been set to prepare 20,000 coaches to offer isolation ward kind of facilities.

The Mahindra group of industries has decided to convert its holiday resorts into temporary care centers for Coronavirus patients. This noble initiative will provide compensatory infrastructure in this battle against the virus as the patient load may skyrocket in the near future.

  • Vaccine development ventures

Indian scientists are on their way to find a vaccine against the lethal Corona virus. According to experts, biotechnology research in India is at par with the international advances about corona vaccine except where testing in animals is concerned. A research firm located in Hyderabad has joined hands with Griffith University of Australia to prepare a vaccine which will be able to provide immunization against the virus. Another firm in Pune, Seagull Biosolutions, is experimenting to create an effective coronavirus vaccine. The good news is that the first phase trial of the vaccine is going to take place in next 18 months. The firm is also designing diagnostic kits for home use that can detect even asymptomatic carriers.

  • Health essentials

To provide ample amounts of medical equipment like PPE, ventilators and masks, the government has come up with efficient plans. Production companies have escalated their manufacturing by working overtime. Additionally, automobile industries have also stepped up to generate basic ventilators from spare parts like pumps. Companies like Mahindra, Bharat Electronics Limited and Maruti Suzuki have been allotted orders to manufacture ventilators.

India has also ordered a large number of ventilators from overseas companies like Mindray, Hamilton to fight the situation.

PPE are crucial for the health care workers while dealing with the corona patients. To supply enough kits in the hospitals Ministry of Textiles is collaborating with Indian manufacturers to produce about 21 lakh PPEs. Quality checks have been conducted for these companies till now. India has also procured 10,000 PPEs from China. The Ministry of External affairs has tied up with companies in Korea and Singapore to supply PPEs.

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