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Shakespeare couldn’t have written a better screen play of a tragedy or should we say travesty that is playing through-out the United States and the world. Perilous times have arrived. The world that we used to know has suddenly and violently altered the lives and livelihoods of millions. The overwhelming failures of governments especially in the United States to deal effectively with the scourge of this pandemic and the unilateral failure to implement radical reforms to combat the catastrophic consequences of Global Warming have made our planet and every society become vulnerable to the most catastrophic environmental and economic disaster since the last Ice Age.

Need we remind us that it was 60 years ago that our nation was filled wit hate, bitterness and civil unrest. The quagmire of the Vietnam War kept the United States hostage to the growing tempests of discontent. Today, we find history repeating. The scenario has changed but the US is still faced with hate, bitterness and civil unrest. The quagmire of the Afghanistan War where billions of dollars have been wasted, thousands of lives lost and a country left in shambles are all too familiar circumstances that have played out before.

Deja vu again. The eerie circumstances surrounding our failure in Afghanistan corresponds to our failure in Viet Nam. In both instances our government failed the American public, the people of Afghanistan and Viet Nam. We have to back even further to recall the words of General of The Army Douglas Mac Arthur which he so eloquently warned of the consequences of when we send our armed forces in harms way. “There can be no substitute for complete victory.” “The very object of war is victory.” All we did in both instances was prolonged the conflict where again billions of dollars were and are wasted, thousands of lives lost, and nations left shattered. All of which have led to more tempests of violent aggression. Just look at what is happening in Afghanistan today.

Had we heeded Mac Arthur’s words the United States today would be in a far better position in leading Global affairs. Yet, here we are today faced with a demoralized military, governmental bungling at every level and populations desperately trying to survive. And, the plight for millions is only increasing with every misstep our government makes.

It wasn’t that long ago though that our nation was filled wit a promise of better times ahead. Now, that promise has been broken by the tempests of disease, pestilence, famine, and death. It seems the Four Horsemen have indeed arrived. Too many times when faced with such adversity our government points fingers as to whom to blame. Such as the case today. As consequences always occur the net results have proven futile in averting not only this pandemic but practically every major crisis that happens along.

The sociological changes that have been rapidly occurring have also threatened the moral and physical framework of life here in the United States. And, if allowed to proceed unchecked the world that we know will cease to exist. Added to this today, much of humanity is being herded into a quagmire of unknowns especially with the overwhelming mandates of an experimental non-vaccine to supposedly slow down and eventually stop the spread of Covid-19.

Too many in government have failed to learn the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. And, today much of the worlds populations are suffering for it. The world is facing a turbulent period. For over 50 years we had the opportunity to fully address global warming and yet we failed at every turn. When we faced a growing epidemic we again failed and it morphed into a full blown pandemic. We again failed to fully understand our consequences of our foreign policy engagements and they only accelerated into major international conflicts that have like everything else our government has done for over 60 years wasted billions of dollars. cost thousands and thousands of lives and livelihoods. and left nations in total disillusionment by the actions we undertook. When we add all these variables together we see the dilemma government has created. More questions than answers have already begun.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams

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