Pandemic Response Failure

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We are all supposed to be students of history. Unfortunately, thought too many in government, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community have been preoccupied. All have been preoccupied with developing newer technologies especially in the field of medicine while ignoring the rudimentary procedures in vaccine development. Remember “that the events of today are the fruits of past decisions and our options for responses to them can be found in our predecessors. “

If history is supposed to teach us one thing is that we should have learned from our mistakes and our successes from the past. This, in order to apply those lessons to the contingencies that are playing out today. The Pandemic of 1918 was the greatest medical crisis of the 20th century. We can only hope that this Covid-19 threat is the only real medical catastrophe of the 21st century. And, yet there are very concerning questions that remain as whether humanity will again be faced with a contagion as viral as this Covid-19.

We have to remember that with the advent of newer really untested medical technologies as in the case of this Covid-19 vaccine {which by the way really isn’t a vaccine} could pose a greater threat to humanity. Both Modera and Pitzer have introduced mRNA a synthetic compound which is supposed to provide a blueprint for your cells to build up immunity against SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes Covid-19. Please note that neither Modera or Pitzer do not contain SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus just the blueprint to help fight against it.

Going back to the Pandemic of 1918 the medical community responded and developed a vaccine using biological remnants of the virus itself to inoculate the populace. And,by 1938 scientists have discovered there are two types of influenza viruses, type A which is far more deadly and contagious. This type caused the great pandemic of 1918. And type B which is less lethal. So by 1938 both type A and type B viruses were included in the influenza vaccine. When World War II broke out the rate of influenza was greatly reduced because of our development of a true vaccine to protect against the very virus that caused the great Pandemic of 1918. Today, vaccines in order to be really effective all include a small portion of the virus that we are providing protection against.

What we are already seeing today is just surfacing. Individuals who have already been inoculated with either this Modera or Pitzer so-called vaccine is that there is a reemergence of the very virus that this vaccine was supposed to suppress not to mention the debilitating side effects either. What may in all likelihood happen when governments have now pretty much mandated everyone to become inoculated with these so-called vaccines is this Covid-19 crisis will only continue. The protection that is supposed to occur has proven ineffective compared to vaccines that include a portion of the virus that does build up a person immunity to the very disease that one is exposed to.

The world was warned that a potential health catastrophe was imminent and yet the United States was totally unprepared for this Covid-19 disaster. What should have been done when this emergency first surfaced wasn’t and the responses to this humanitarian crisis have been totally repugnant. In the end what we are faced with is a government and agencies all across the world having to cover up their inadequacies in the form of mandates to populations all the while knowing that they have botched every response to this major health threat. We can only hope that if another major outbreak of an infectious disease occurs the scientific community will infarct develop a true vaccine, one that will have lasting immunity protection to the disease that threatens our health and livelihood.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams

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