Terror By Vaccine

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Today, questions have arisen when we are now faced with a resurgence of Covid-19 infections. We have to ask ourselves when over 70% of the US populations and the overwhelming percentage of people in Israel and other countries have already been inoculated with this mRNA experimental drug why then is there such a drastic increase of infections? This when summer is the time of year when influenza viruses drastically decrease. And, why so many physicians around the world have now warned about the harmful side effects of experimental mRNA technology use as a vaccine? They now support a complete halt to it’s usage.

It is not just coincidence that Covid-19 cases are drastically increasing and yet, the overwhelming emphasis is on continuing administering this experimental drug. when so many have been inoculated is a sure sign that there is another motive for doing so. The facts are these. Once people have been inoculated with this mRNA drug the greater the likelihood of either being more susceptible to contracting Covid-19 and a cardiovascular condition. Both are increasing.

Deceived by the Pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, and government all blame the less than the 30% unvaccinated on the steady rise of Covid-19 cases. When money, power, and control are involved with this new mRNA technology the publics health is of little concern.

There is another health concern facing millions of Americans in light of this recent Hurricane. We have to remember what happened right after Hurricane Katrina when it struck New Orleans, Governmental response was too little too late. Hurricane preparedness was woefully inadequate and as a result people died needlessly and thousands suffered unimaginable horrific conditions. Since then we have had ample time to rectify and secure the proper protocols in place to ensure Katrina like conditions don’t repeat. Yet, when this latest hurricane hit still people remained without sanitation, power, and fresh water, And, people died.

The United States had decades to prepare for the aftermath of natural disasters and have failed in every instance. In this day and age there is no excuse for what happened and is happening in the aftermath of hurricane and there is no excuse for what is being forced on the public with an experimental drug that is known to be more dangerous than the virus is is supposed to arrest.

What is actually being reported is that the most vaccinated countries the United States included have the most Covid-19 cases while the least vaccinated countries have the lowest number of Covid-19 cases. All this points the inability of this experimental drug being used as a deterrent for contracting Covid-19 is a very false assumption. The so called vaccine doesn’t work and is causing untold harm to millions all around the world.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams

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