The Deadly Games Congress Plays

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With all the hype played up by the media concerning the vaccine to eradicate Covid-19 there remains concerning questions about the actual long range affects and how successful is this vaccine in stopping the spread of this very deadly virus. There is a distinct probability of more mutations stemming from this one Covid-19 virus that very few are addressing. We have already seeing the very deadly results of what this virus is doing. The United States continues to record record number of infections and deaths just within the past two months. And, yet the Trump Administration and the Republican led Congress have long since played with peoples lives and livelihoods by not taking direct and concise action to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and to usher in the much needed financial aid to curtail what is becoming an catastrophic humanitarian catastrophe.

Give credit to the scientific community for there swift procurement in developing a vaccine to combat the spread of Covid-19. But, what is behind the scientific breakthroughs are the Pharmaceutical industries that are banking on recovering billions of dollars when this vaccine is distributed. When the prospect of so much money that is attainable it is amazing how swift this vaccine was developed. The verdict is still out concerning the effectiveness and actual side effects that this vaccine creates after inoculation though.

This Pandemic has accelerated a global humanitarian crisis not only in the United States but through-out the world. The cries of the impoverished multitudes have been falling on deaf ears for far too long. It is no more evident right here in the US. Our fearless leaders in Washington have remained totally unresponsive to the needs of the vast majority of Americans. Their failure to come to bat for the American public is well documented. The Trump Administration, the Republican led Congress and even the main stream media have long since dismissed the urgency to act. And, yet thousands of Americans have been dying daily for the past two months and not just because of Covid-19.

The divisions that have created the greatest riff in our nations history since the Civil War has been amplified by the rhetoric of the Trump and years of political infighting which continues to cost lives and livelihoods. With time running down until the new year there remains too many Republicans putting party loyalty backing Trump’s dismal claim of voter improprieties ahead of their responsibilities to the American public. The sheer audacity of these congressional leaders in creating volatile contingencies that could ignite civil unrest all across the country is in itself setting a very dangerous president. This will only prolong the Pandemic even with this new vaccine.

With total dysfunction and complete lack of empathy toward the public the deadly games played by Trump and the Republican led Congress is a constant reminder how the United States has morphed into an enigma of a once vibrant and stable Democratic Republic. There is plenty of blame to go around for this obscene reversal. Sure, Trump has allot to do with stirring up the many fallacies but, behind the scenes lurks the power brokers of the DNC, the Republican Party, the International Bankers and the CEO’s of every major global corporation that have for years covertly controlled the direction the United States takes.

With much of the world especially in the US awaiting the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine there still remains the facts that viruses do mutate and the probability of another more lethal virus surfacing has to be a wake up call for not only for the scientific community but every public official do so what is necessary to minimize the chances that another outbreak won’t occur. Today with the rising tide of injustices that have always hit in times of crisis the majority of the public is continually ignored by our elected officials in Washington and President Trump. The media’s sympathetic reasoning toward members of congress has only exasperated this Pandemic.

The tragic consequences that have come about with the Trump Administration and the Republican controlled Congress have cost the United States more than just lives lost. The humanitarian crisis that is accentuated by this pandemic and Congresses failure to act has rendered the United States almost incapable of recovering. What is so discerning is the lack of mentality of many members of Congress and our public is response to how to curb the spread of Covid-19 and what is actually needed to restore economic stability. For if they really had brains at all they would see that what they are doing is only pulling this nation further apart.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams

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