The Fear and Threat Which I Have Observed and Share Before Holy Month of Ramadan

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The fear and threat which we as nation at the end of holy month ramdan before eid days observed, the smart lockdown in which crowds in the markets and malls had infected and spread its infection from small ways to long way across rural areas to high tech cities.

It is now confirmed that in Pakistan this pandemic disease is going to be worse, it will take more lives and affect millions of others. Earlier many of the peoples do not believe in existence of Covid19 and thought it’s a drama of European countries and a lobby of local politicians to earn 3000$ on corona patient death declaration, which was just rumors and it’s a demand from government to arrest those culprits who spread such rumors, another issue which we nation are facing extreme response of traders, shopkeepers, transporter, labor and many other association that increase pressure on government to lift lockdown and allow peoples to refrain from social distancing.

Anyways the number of infected patients are increasing day by day and toll reached more than 1 lac 26 thousands with active cases, limited hospitals are catering covid patients just to retain their position in health care industry, for handling covid patients they have to make alteration in their current structure, arrangement of services, Personal Protecting Equipment’s, ventilators, isolation rooms and so on, still those who cater covid patients are facing the criticism of so called honest and independent media hypocrites play their negative role by twisting news, instead of educating peoples to follow SOPs they are fueling communities might they die due to hunger. No body die due to hunger because we all believe Almighty ALLAH is responsible for food.

The Dramatic episode that misguide peoples with fake news on social network has ended, now it’s the time when hospitals in the country have no vacant critical beds to accommodate and manage, many of us might die in ambulance during search of hospital to facilitate. Soon this nightmare will take many more lives of our love ones and we can’t even be able to give them proper tribute as per our culture and religion.

Countries those who follow strict lockdown controlled spread of novel covid 19, like Pakistan where lobbies and politics involve too much push us towards the ages of darkness.

One of my known b working in well-known Hospital in billing department for more than 25 years unfortunately become covid positive with his wife, as a person he is a simple guy belongs to middleclass family working in a setup as temporary employee even though working there for more than 2 decades with no medical benefits, got severe respiratory symptoms at home, his wife also got severe symptoms, he sacrificed himself for his admitted wife into a covid special care isolation where she needs bipap support, after few hours at home his condition became severely ill, well-wishers brought him to emergency department to make him understand that he will not recover at home, his condition might take his life, all of friends and doctor request him to get treatment, after sometime emergency team manage to arrange a bed for him in covid area where he got treatment for almost 24 hours, finally he got covid special care isolation on bipap but it didn’t work for him, now medical team advise him and his family to go on Elective intubation as his lungs are not enough recovered on bipap, May Almighty ALLAH give him health and long life.

The Government of Pakistan initially work so well, upon different non serious illiterate politicians and traders pressure government to withdraw its SOPs that’s why the spread is aggressively hitting the senior citizens and sick peoples, many of the peoples don’t have symptoms even for 7 days, after that the infection of Covid19 affect sinus and collapse lungs function. We have very limited resources can’t even transport patients nor dead bodies if number of casualties increase, peoples will die in ambulances in finding of ventilator beds, and some before take initiative to go treatment in hospital. Even if we transform wedding halls, hotels, malls, schools and other big halls into hospital system, then also we cannot cater the patients.

Still peoples are not ready to accept covid as a pandemic disease in Pakistan, as a citizen of Pakistan and Healthcare Professional I do my best to educate peoples, Please take this issue as very serious else we face unbearable loss of life in this epidemic war.

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