Vaccine Insanity

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From the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic there have been so many inconsistencies and outright distortions about the most effective way to deal with this virus. After a year and a half with all the medical and technological marvels of today we would have thought that this pandemic would have been ended. Sadly, that is not the case. This pandemic which has infested whole populations has made the world more vulnerable to epic disasters waiting in the wings.

Through scientific research there is a direct correlation in the expansion of infectious diseases and what our planet is experiencing today. Global warming is the incubator for so many potentially deadly viruses. For over thirty years governments had ample time to address the reduction and elimination of Co2 emissions and have failed at every level. Governments have had decades to address the potential for acute virus epidemics, for which our government has been woefully inadequate in preventing especially this Covid-19 outbreak.

From the onset of this pandemic the United States government has failed the American public. Today, the Pharmaceutical industry with the development of this mRNA technology has coursed the CDC and many of the medical community to mandate this procreated experimental drug to combat the Covid-19 virus and it’s subsequent mutations. In doing so government has inadvertently created a Frankenstein inoculation procedure that is and has damaged the credibility of the medical community and put millions who have already been inoculated with either the Pitzer, Modera and Johnson & Johnson so called vaccine at sever risk of more dangerous health issues.

It wasn’t that long ago that a vaccine when hastily developed produced dangerous side effects. The Swine Flu was such an incident that the CDC and the medical establishment stopped inoculating individuals. There have been too many instances where a vaccine had adverse effects on those who were inoculated. Today, what is happening is very relevant to past mistakes when a vaccine is rushed through and deployed on the general public.

When there is now so much emphasis on the Covid-19 so called vaccine by government, the CDC, that is unprecedented in our history is a true indication that there are underlying factors that prove the Pharmaceutical industry is pulling the strings of our own government, the CDC and the medical community. We have to understand what this mRNA technology does in this Covid-19 vaccine. First off mRNA technology is not a vaccine. Secondly, mRNA technology instructs cells to manufacture spike proteins uncontrollably. And, when that happens this spike protein is entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system when it gets in circulation in the blood stream.

For years scientists and the medical community have had great success with vaccines especially with Mumps, Rubella, Measles etc. when they were administered after years of development. What is so discerning is that this mRNA technology is not like any of the past procedures when vaccines were developed. When mRNA technology emerged the current procedure for vaccine development and deployment was either ignored, deemed not relevant or otherwise purposely pushed aside.

Without fully understanding of what this mRNA technology actually does the Pharmaceutical industry has managed to enlist the medical community and governments to accept this newly developed experimental drug as the only way to curb the onslaught of Covid-19 and all it’s mutations. We are just now beginning to see just what happens to individuals who have already been inoculated with this experimental drug. And, yet the push is still on to inject more individuals with this mRNA experimental drug.

The sheer scope of deception perpetrated by the Pharmaceutical industry in collaboration with the medical community and governments have unilaterally engineered one of the most tragic mistakes in medical history. What should have been done from the onset of this Pandemic wasn’t. What should have been done when project Warp Speed was first undertaken wasn’t. And, what is being overlooked is that mRNA technology is really not the next generation of vaccine development.

It is a proven fact that natural immunity has a much greater chance to guard against infection. And, when individuals are inoculated with this mRNA compound it ultimately triggers more harmful adverse effects on those who have already been inoculated. We have to realize when there is this unpresented level of hype by the media many of the medical community and governments triggers more responses by businesses and even community groups to join in to urge and even mandate individuals to require this mRNA experimental drug. In on other time in our history has there been such a furor to mandate an experimental drug on their population.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams

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