What Makes Carpet Cleaning An Essential Service During COVID-19?

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Carpet cleaning has become a significant service during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for good reason. An essential service is best defined as a service that the public needs to use, even amid the pandemic. So what makes carpet cleaning such an important service? Simply put, based on what we know about the virus, it has the potential to hang around on exposed surfaces for an extended length of time. Those surfaces include countertops, clothes, and even people’s carpets. Professional carpet cleaning services can deal with this residual viral spread before it infects others who come into contact with carpets or rugs.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Several critical issues exist that stop people from attempting to clean their carpets on their own. Store-bought chemicals claim that they can kill the virus, and that may be true. However, there’s not enough evidence to show that these store-bought cleaning agents deal with the virus effectively. Beyond standard disinfectants, the list of what can kill the virus outright is still mostly unknown. Carpet cleaning offers a simple solution by having professionals deal with the carpet and clean it thoroughly, ensuring no residual material is left over. In some cases, this can make the difference between a pocket of infection and leaving a home free of disease.

Additionally, cleaning a potentially infected home can lead to some crucial concerns with personal safety. Most local medical authorities advise that if you think that a location has been exposed to the virus, all individuals should evacuate the premises as soon as possible. Carpet cleaning is an essential service because it allows professionals to deal with a potential outbreak location while isolating it from others. Carpet cleaners tend to use PPE to avoid contact with the virus while cleaning, making them the far safer choice than attempting to do it yourself. Limiting your exposure comes with making smart decisions.

Deep Cleaning With Chemicals Can Help

Hot-water or deep steam cleaning can help remove the possible virus matter from a carpet, and the chemicals can help kill any viruses that remain on the carpet’s fibers. If you decide to choose professionals to clean your carpet, you should still observe the social distancing rules to ensure that there’s little room for contamination. Ask about their procedure for entering new homes and if they clean and sanitize their equipment between visits. Knowing this can help you make a more informed decision about who you’re letting clean your carpets.

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